Corona Lockdown

Corona Lockdown

Biswajit Chatterjee

Exercise for half an hour
Take protein diet for ever

Chiken, egg, fish not there?
Please do not bother
Take pulses and lentils
To ensure protein care

Do not go out
Without real and urgent need
Keep yourself at home
To be safe, healthy and fit

Special care required
For child and age-old
Diabetic and other disease
To be specially be controlled

Employee of emergency?
Visit-out is compulsion?
Collect food and medicine
With proper precaution

Cover the mouth with
Good enough mask
Ensure a meter distance
To avoid this virus

Wash the hand and leg
With soap and sanitizer
Change the cloth after return
And a bath really better

You can listen song
Or online learning course
But accept the news
Only from reliable source

News, that too, max twice
To avoid nervousness
Can enjoy movie online
For emotional fitness

Keeping child at home
Real challenge for parents
Give them some quality time
Keeping corona toll at distance

Take care of those
Who have no food for them
And address their problem
To win this game

Be a good Samaritan
For this serious cause
Donate as much as you can
To make up huge loss

Doctors and healthcare professionals
Never forget their dedications
Only with their courage
We all fighting corona age

Sweepers, delivery boy and police force
All are dedicated and out for noble cause

Power sector professional
Keeping electricity normal
This is an absolute requirement
To function hospital, all urgent

Increase solidarity
Between countries and age group
Young people may also be infected
If they are not in the loop

COVID-19 not respect
State and country border
Not eager for country GDP,
Growth or sufferer

Break the chain of transmission
Take this as our pledge
Test every suspect and isolate
With stress on ‘contact trace’

Biswajit Chatterjee
Superintending Engineer , WBSEDCL


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